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Advanced Platform Design, LLC. is built on the principles of making quality products and providing reliable customer service.

Drawing on 20+ years of experience in the industry we are developing products intended to meet present and future needs of end user service providers, ISVs and OEMs.

We see a shift in approach to system design from boards to functional units. Our media server is a stepping-stone in this direction.  We noticed that system design teams, facing challenges associated with building systems from boards, are looking for functional units with well defined interfaces (black box approach).  Our media server product is one of these building blocks.  With the widely available community supported open source Linux operating system and applications, EcoServer can provide a wide range of functions depending upon the application installed to run on it.

Our products are intended to be ecologically friendly and benefit our customers with low total cost of ownership.

We are more than happy to share with our customers our experience in embedded system development, near real time system development under Windows and Linux.

Our success story is design and development of family of CTI boards and SDK for Ai-Logix. This product line called “Smartworks”, with sales exceeding $20 mln established Ai-Logix’s top place in the call-logging industry. 



Advanced Platform Design is proud to be an AMCC partner that supports AMCC as a third-party provider of board-level hardware/firmware and system design service.


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