Getting Started Kit

Promotional getting started kit for application development with our board level products are offered as described.  Advanced Platform Design reserves the right to update items on this page. 

- PowerPC 440EPx (No crypto engine) at 553 MHz
- 512 MB memory
- 4 GB microdrive with Ubuntu server 8.04 LTS preinstalled
- Wall power supply 5V 4A, universal input 90 - 264VAC 
- RS232 femal to IDC 14 pin cable for console connection
- Flat ribbon cable and reset push button board
- SFP not included
- One year limited warranty - parts and labor 
- One year basic support service plan

- Limited two kits per customer

- Riser card with 2 PCI slots
- One year limited warranty - parts and labor 

For pricing and availability, please contact