Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

About Support Language

1.Q  Can support be in language other than English?

1.A  In addition to English, support can be assigned with a Chinese speaking technical engineer when requested.  The same applies to Polish as a verbal support aide.


About EcoServer

1.Q  What can EcoServer do for ISVs and OEMs?

1.A  EcoServer, being a reliable Linux platform, provides an economic alternative to PC.  EcoServer dramatically lowers the cost of ownership, saves space and energy.

2.Q  Can ISVs use EcoServer to make their own network appliance product? 

2.A  Absolutely.  The ISVs' custom program can be loaded onto the on board FLASH and started by Linux scripts.  Further, if a hard drive or ROM drive is necessary, it can be easily connected with a raiser card through PCI extension.


About Open Source on EcoServer

1.Q  How is the Linux kernel on EcoServer supported? 

1.A The upgradeable U-boot (universal bootloader) and Linux Ubuntu kernel can be restored or upgraded from the TFTP server. U-boot and Ubuntu are community maintained open source software downloadable from the their individual project sites.

2.Q  How is the LAMP software on EcoServer supported? 

2.A  LAMP, the set of free software programs commonly used together to run dynamic Web sites or servers, comes pre-installed on EcoServer.  LAMP software is community maintained.  Both the basic and maintenance support subscription help the re-installation and upgrade of LAMP software on EcoServer.

3.Q  What other open source software are available to run on EcoServer?  How can they be obtained?

3.A  They are listed as potential open source applications that Advanced Platform Design offers custom service to port, install and/or configure.  Of course, the source code for all these applications are available from their individual project sites.


About Software Development on EcoServer

1.Q  What compiler is available on EcoServer?  Is cross compilation necessary? 

1.A  The GNU C and C++ compiler is available on EcoServer.  Cross compilation is not necessary.


Source Code

Currently source code is available through CD mailing.  Please contact us at for further information.