Advanced Platform Design

At Advanced Platform Design, we build application foundations.  Our team does the hard part to provide you with a reliable platform for your application development and deployment.

At Advanced Platform Design, we also do custom design of hardware and/or software geared primarily towards expanding the functionality of our platform.  Click here for custom service details.

At Advanced Platform Design, we are happy to hear from you for any comment or question.  We can be reached at or by phone at +1-512-858-1428.


EcoServer, the media server that needs only 8 Watts.

EcoServer is our flagship product.  It is suitable for OEM, VARs, ISVs, system integrators and end user service providers.  It provides a Linux server environment to host a wide range of applications starting with LAMP through popular open source applications to custom programs.  Click here for a list of popular open source applications.

EcoServer is equipped with features needed for emerging multimedia applications.  It has encryption accelerator, fiber/copper Gigabit Ethernet ports, three high speed USB host ports, PCI and local bus expansion allows to add boards with FPGA, DSP, or video interfaces.

EcoServer is designed for low cost of ownership.  It is designed for low power consumption, with solid state storage, extensive hardware self monitoring capabilities, no fan and no battery.  Innovative dual FLASH design allows for risk free remote firmware update.  Industrial operating temperature range allows for deployment in non-air-conditioned room.

EcoServer comes with the basic support and service of installing Ubuntu 8.04 LTS, a community developed, Linux-based operating system. EcoServer needs only 8 Watts of power, i.e. two night light bulbs, to run. Click here for EcoServer details



Advanced Platform Design is proud to be an AMCC partner that supports AMCC as a third-party provider of board-level hardware/firmware and system design service.


Consulting Services

Advanced Platform Design staffs have extensive experience in design and implementation of blade hardware, embedded software, device drivers, and host applications.  Click here for company background.  Conact us by phone at +1-512-858-1428 or email